The prices reflected below are the base prices and may be subject to change based on supply availability. We will always do our best to keep this list up to date and current, but please be aware that prices are subject to change.

To see our advanced price list for bulk printing things like cards, visit “advanced printing price list“.

Item Name/Description Member Price ($) Non-Member Price ($)
B & W Print on Canon Maxify (inkjet) 8.5×11   0.05 0.07
Color Print on Canon Maxify (inkjet) 8.5×11 0.06 0.08
B & W Print on Canon Laser  MF4700 8.5×11 0.05 0.08
B & W Print on Canon Laser MF741 8.5×11 0.21 0.32
Color Print on Canon Laser MF741 8.5×11 0.47 0.70
Sublimation Print LTR (includes paper cost for 8.5×11) 1.46 2.19
Sublimation Print TAB (includes paper cost for 11×17) 2.76 4.14
Art Print on Art Printer (includes prem. presentation paper cost on 8.5×11) 1.86 2.79
Rollo thermal label print (includes 4×6 label cost) 0.08 0.12
Chipboard (heavy, 8.5×11) 1.38 2.07
Chipboard (light weight, 8.5×11) 0.40 0.60
Plastic Cover/Sheet Protector (8.5×11) 0.30 0.45
Plastic Notebook Coils (3/8″) 0.44 0.75
 Plastic Notebook Coils (5/8″) 1.05 1.80
White Cardstock, 8.5×11, 80lb * 0.19 0.29
White Cardstock, 8.5×11, 110lb index ** 0.11 0.16
White Envelope, Peel & Stick, A7 0.13 0.20
Fax – Incoming 0.05/pg over monthly allotment 5.00 + 0.08/ea pg after first 20 pages
Fax – Outgoing included 5.00
Pick Up Services from Advance Printing *** 3.00 5.00

* 80lb (also shown was 80#) is what I recommend for greeting cards. The uncoated option is best for writing using any writing implement and is a lovely, durable stock.

** 110lb (110#) index is a toothier paper, slightly lighter weight than the 80#, and creates a lovely substrate for cards of artwork, like paintings.

*** Pickup services from Advance Printing are done every TUESDAY. If you have a print order at Advance Printing that needs to be picked up, Shawna goes to Hayward every Tuesday for appointments. Let the folks at AP know that she will be picking up your item, AND request a delivery by emailing us at with “Advance Printing PickUp” as the subject, by Monday evening, and Shawna will pick up your items in Hayward and have them available for you to pick up in Cable at 43425 Kavanaugh Rd.



For non-members, there is a $5 minimum. If you don’t need $5 worth of prints/supplies/services, you will receive a credit for your next visit. First and last name, as well as either a phone number or email will be required at time of service for non-members if a credit is to be issued.


For members, anything above and beyond the standard print alotment that corresponds with your membership level, the additional costs will be added to the following month’s invoice.


You are welcome to bring your own paper, HOWEVER, it must be prior approved by Shawna to ensure that it is compatible with the printer you want to use. Not all paper is created equal.


All print costs are based on basic copy/print paper, 20#, single sided on the Canon Maxify (the inkjet) printer. The print cost is per side of the page printed. For example, if you printed a double-sided document on the Canon Maxify and you are a member, the print cost would be $0.08. I know, it’s tedious and may seem like nickle and diming; BUT this is the best and easiest way to keep costs down for everyone involved.


Another example. As a member of The Nook, let’s say you wanted to use the business center to scan an image and create your own 5×7 greeting card with an A7 envelope. If the card was single sided, it would be 0.17 per piece of 80# stock used plus 0.12 for the envelope. If you were over your allotted prints for the month, then a single sided color card would be an additional $0.05, making your custom card cost $0.34.

Art or large format scanning services are available through Shawna under her S. Barnes Designs business and start at $50/hour. Please contact her directly either through The Nook member portal or via email (

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