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Coworking and Artists

You’re an artist and wondering how a coworking space like The Nook can benefit you? From increased revenue, networking and socializing opportunities, and having your own creative haven in a dedicated desk; there are a multitude of ways a coworking space like The Nook can be an asset to you and your art business.

Welcome to “How will The Nook benefit me” series of posts that will explain just that – how The Nook will benefit you.

As a ceramic sculptor before I became a graphic and website designer and now business owner; artists hold a soft spot in my heart so I thought we’d start off with this industry. Artists also tend to undervalue their work and struggle with left brain aspects of making a living with their art. This is of course a generalization.

So how would The Nook, a coworking space and business center facility, benefit you as an artist? And does it matter what discipline of art you practice? Let’s dive right in and get these questions answered.

Coworking and artists

Coworking can benefit artists of various disciplines in a wide variety of ways. The first benefit is that it provides an opportunity for networking and socializing with people you may not otherwise find in your social circle. Artists tend to create from experience and being exposed to a variety of different backgrounds, personalities, and industries may help inform future work. The Nook will be hosting a variety of networking events as well as working with the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce to bring affordable business classes to the public and members of both organizations.

A coworking space provides flex desks that can be reserved on an as needed basis or on a month-to-month membership plan. There are also dedicated desks that operate on a month-to-month membership plan. If you are an artist and find it difficult to focus at home to get the backend business work done, a separate space to help change your frame of mind from creating to business bookwork can increase productivity and the liklihood of those dreaded left brain tasks actually getting done. Or maybe your family is tired of your art supplies taking over the dining room table and you need a place to call your own. Our dedicated desks could be turned into a small studio space that you can call your own. Renting a dedicated desk is more cost effective than renovating rooms or renting an entire room in an office building (because then you have to think about all the overhead and renovations). The Nook has one dedicated desk next to a window that provides great natural light. Turn the desk into your creative haven; a dedicated desk affords you the opportunity to decorate and situate the space as you need.

Those networking opportunities I mentioned? You just meet a fellow small business owner who loves social media management, balancing those pesky books, or is a lawyer and can help you with copyright law. A coworking space like The Nook provides opportunities for these connections to happen and flourish.

And those business classes? Learn what you need to know in order to make your passion a profitable enterprise. Find how what a BOM or a COG is, how to price for wholesale and retail, and whether you really need a contract between friends (hint, the answer is yes).

Coworking and being an artist just go together. There are direct and indirect benefits of utilizing a space like The Nook.

Business center and artists

Maybe you’re not quite ready to test the coworking waters but you want to start turning a profit with your art. Our business center will allow you to cut your costs and keep your overhead low. In our business center, there are a multitude of printers for you to use to print reference material, training booklets, create one of a kind notebooks or coloring books, art prints, or sublimation prints for some custom swag/products.

Do you want to create art prints on glossy photo paper? Or thicker water color paper? Our equipment can accomodate. Plan to make your own trading cards? We have different paper cutters to help you facilitate that too. Ship your products? Use our Rollo thermal printer to print that shipping label for $0.08 (plus the cost of shipping of course) rather than the $0.50 cents it costs to print it on your home printer on the Avery shipping labels.

Are you an artist with an interest in creating prints of your original work? With our fine art printer, you can do that for a fraction of the cost of getting it printed elsewhere. One of the things I love about our fine art printer is how it prints on toothy paper like watercolor paper. It allows for some amazing prints of art that is not photography. That being said, it also prints amazing quality photography prints. It’s just a matter of paper selection.

Do you like to paint large? There is a large format art scanner that was made for you. Scanning services often start at $50/hour (that’s what I charge if someone would rather have me scan their art or delicate documents). Attend a training on how to use the scanner and do it yourself and save yourself thousands in scanning service fees AND gain an income stream by then using those images to create prints.

You can find a list of the equipment available for use on our equipment page.

Is The Nook right for me?

A coworking space with an integrated business center like The Nook is highly advantagious and beneficial for artists; regardless of your medium. One of the things in the works is a photo studio so you can take pictures of your 3D work or objects that may not fit on our scanners. Be looking for that in 2024.

If you’re still unsure if The Nook is right for you, come on in for a day by grabbing a day pass or the business center membership and see if it meets your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Shawna, at .


Like what ya read and want to sign up today? Head on over to and get that ball rolling! I look forward to seeing you at The Nook!



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