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Coworking and Business Owners

Are you a business owner and wondering if a coworking space like The Nook can benefit you? From increased revenue, networking and professional development opportunities, there are countless ways The Nook can be an asset to you and your business.

Welcome to “How will The Nook benefit me” series of posts that will explain just that – how The Nook will benefit you.

After my medical retirement from the Army in 2011, I sought a new purpose in life. That started with pursuing pottery and ceramic sculpting. It wasn’t long before I was turning my art into a way to earn a little extra money. Several years later I began teaching myself graphic and website design. In 2019, I bought an independent print shop (yes, right at the start of the global Covid pandemic..but that’s a story for another day). My husband and I moved to Wisconsin and I relaunched my website design business, S. Barnes Designs. And now here I am with The Nook. Suffice it to say, I have more than a decade of experience as a small business owner; both physical and online.

With this in mind, The Nook is a space I WISH I would have had in  my early years as an entrepreneur and small business owner. So keep on reading to see how The Nook can benefit you as a business owner.

Coworking and business owners

Coworking has been around for years but recently gained popularity in metropolitan areas during the covid pandemic. Many businesses were forced to shutter their physical doors and move online. A coworking space with flex desks and dedicated desks offers an alternative solution for where business operations can take place. If you’re like me, being productive in my home office is 50/50. Distractions from the dogs, the husband, and all the household chores calling my name can make it difficult to get work done. By having a space away from the house to get down to work improves the productivity of those hours thanks to a distraction free and professional environment it provides.

A coworking space also affords the ability to network with people from diverse backgrounds. This networking can lead to new clients, contractors, collaborators and/or friends. We all need that feeling of community and support. A coworking space is an excellent place to find just that.

In addition to the networking, being around people of such varied backgrounds can spark ideas that may never have found their way to you without that connection.

Many coworking spaces, The Nook included, have business classes as part of their membership offerings. As a member of The Nook, you get access to free business classes and other professional development opportunities. If we bring in a speaker that charges a fee, members get 50% off the public rate.

Do you have the occasional need for business meetings and no place to have them? The Nook has an informal meeting space that can be reserved/booked. If you need something with more privacy, there is an option to rent out my office area that is done on a case by case basis.

Utilizing a coworking space keeps overhead down. Utilities and certain amenities included, you just have to worry about if a flex desk or a dedicated desk is the right option for you. With overhead at a minimum, your margins increase thus affecting that bottom line.

Business center and business owners

The business center at The Nook is a dream for business owners. From the thermal shipping label printer (that will save you more than 50% on label costs) to the assortment of inkjet and laser jet printers to help you print what you need for your business, the business center alone is worth the investment. Let us worry about product pipeline, ink shortages, and shipping delays. Use our printers to print custom envelopes, invoices, flyers, postcards, and more.

Need to create some workbooks or want to make those SOP’s look professional? Our business center is stocked with the materials and equipment needed to make wirebound books.

Did you get squared off business cards but want rounded now? We have a corner rounded for you to use.

Have documents of all shapes and sizes – including floor plans or blue prints – and need them scanned and digitized? We have a large format flatbed scanner that can do just that.

For a full list of available, check out our equipment page.

Is The Nook right for me?

A coworking space with an integrated business center like The Nook is highly advantagious and beneficial for business owners in all industries.

If you’re still unsure if The Nook is right for you, come on in for a day by grabbing a day pass or the business center membership and see if it meets your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Shawna, at .


Like what ya read and want to sign up today? Head on over to and get that ball rolling! I look forward to seeing you at The Nook!



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