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Coworking and Coaches

You’re a coach & might be wondering how a coworking space like The Nook can benefit you. Cost savings leading to increased revenue, networking, professional development and access to a plethora of resources, a coworking space like The Nook can be an asset to you and your coaching business.

Welcome to “How will The Nook benefit me” series of posts that explain how a space like The Nook can do just that.

Being married to a personal trainer and nutrition coach has given me a unique look into some of the struggles he has when it comes to running the backend of his business. Whether it has been as an employee and freelancer who has his own clients; sometimes working from his home office is less than optimal.

Not only does “coach” bring up thoughts of fitness, but in today’s society there are are coaches for dozens of other areas. Business, mindset, financial, parenting, marketing, sales, plus all of the industry specific mentors and coaches. Many services are provided digitally. If you’re a coach, keep on reading to see how The Nook can benefit you and your business.

Coworking and coaches

Coworking benefits coaches of all disciplines by providing ample opportunities for networking with other people from diverse backgrounds. The great thing about coworking is that it truly can benefit nearly anyone. You may find an accountant, yoga instructor, doctoral student, serial entrepreneur, and artist all utilizing the space at the same time. With communal areas like the kitchen, socializing is bound to happen. You never know where you’re going to meet your “biz bestie” or a future client.

Another benefit of the type of connection and socializing that occurs in coworking spaces is receiving community support. You may find like-minded people eager to share their goals and challenges. The sense of belonging these connections creates helps to reduce the isolation many independent professional (like coaches) often feel.

In addition to networking, these spontaneous conversations are certain to spark different ideas that may help your business grow into new markets, appeal to different audiences, and more. The ability to work around and with people from such diverse backgrounds is a benefit that is often understated and under valued. The inspiration and creativity being in a coworking environment fosters is priceless.

The Nook provides flex desk and dedicated desk options. If you are one that just can’t get into a “backend work” when trying to get work done in your home office, a different location is a great way to train your mind to flip into work mode. Similar to when you go to the gym and you get ready to workout. It’s easier to go and get the exercise done when you have a place to go; too often we allow the distractions at home to keep us from doing the work we know we need to be doing. The flexibility and scalability a coworking space provides is second to none.

In addition to helping with a mindset shift, the investment of a coworking membership may assist with productivity and improves the bottom dollar. Rather than renting an office and having to worry about all the overhead, by becoming a member of a coworking space you have a professional environment at your disposal to do your work and/or have client meetings (in person or virtual).

As a coach, you already know that individual strengths vary. One of the ways we promote our community’s strengths is through business classes that are free for members. The classes where we bring in professionals who charge a fee, members receive 50% off of those. This professional development can help you become more efficient in the operations area of your coaching business, further increasing your margins and thus your bottom line.

Business center and coaches

Having all these applications at our disposal through our mobile devices is great; but sometimes it’s nice to have that paper copy of a workout, or to highlight important points for your business/financial clients. Our business center has a plethura of printers for you print those workouts, workbooks, or projections.

Are you a coach that likes to make vision boards the old fashioned way but also wants a way to digitize it? You’ll find photo, document, and large format/art scanners in our business center. Once you get it scanned, you can also make professional looking hard copies with the printers mentioned above.

You can see a list of our equipment on our equipment page.

Is The Nook right for me?

A coworking space with an integrated business center like The Nook is highly advantagious to coaches; regardless of the field you may be a coach in. From the tangible to the intangible benefits and the amenities we offer, a membership at The Nook is a business investment you can’t afford not to have. Whether you are a coach that is just starting or you have a well established client base, being part of a coworking community is a great way to elevate your business.

Still not sure if The Nook is right for you? Grab a day pass and come check us out. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Shawna, at .


Like ya what see and want to sign up today? Head on over to and get the ball rolling! I look forward to seeing you at The Nook!


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