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Coworking and Homeschooling

You’re a family that homeschools and might be wondering how a coworking space like The Nook will benefit you. From networking and additional education opportunities to a distraction free environment to file grades and reports, The Nook can be an invaluable part of your homeschool journey.

Welcome to “How will The Nook benefit me” series of posts that shall explain just that – how The Nook will benefit YOU.

Today we’re going to look at families that homeschool. The global Covid-19 pandemic of 2019-2020 brought to light that some students truly flourish in this type of environment rather than a traditional public school setting. Even before the pandemic, families made the decision to homeschool for a variety of reasons. I’ve seen the traditional family homeschool setups and homeschool co-ops where multiple families get together to share the experience – and the work load – with everyone bringing their strengths to the table.

Regardless of how you choose to setup your homeschooling adventure, utilizing the space of a coworking facility with an integrated business center has great value to you.

Coworking and homeschooling

Coworking benefits homeschool families by providing a quiet, distraction free environment for the “leader of the pack” to create those lesson plans, submit grades and reports, or any other task that may require quiet time.

When you’re in The Nook using one of our flex desks (or a dedicated desk if that makes sense for you), you will be surrounded by other small businesses and professionals also using the space. The Nook provides ample opportunities for networking to occur with people of diverse backgrounds that you may not have had the opportunity to connect with elsewhere. The artist using the space to make art prints might be interested in coming and leading a class on their medium. The business advisor might be interested in leading a class on accounting for business. As a homeschool family, you know the importance of exposing your children and students to a plethura of opportunities; The Nook is a great place to find those opportunities.

Do you have a kiddo that’s interested in becoming an entrepreneur or business owner some day? Or maybe even now? Youth entrepreneurship is on the rise and supported in our area. By being a member of The Nook, you get access to business classes for free and receive a 50% discount on any public classes that have a fee. You and your child(ren) will have access to these business classes. Who knows, maybe the classes will meet some of the other curriculum requirements depending on what you are using as a template?

Business center and homeschooling

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the supply chain can be unpredictable. I remember when you couldn’t get a printer for months, or ink was on back order for more than six months. It can be frustrating when these challenges arise because it causes an interruption in your day to day education. When you use The Nook’s business center to print off your curriculum, you no longer have to worry about those challenges. The business center has a plethora of printers that make short work of curriculum print outs, coloring pages for work or practice, or using our fine art printer to have a wall worthy print of something your kid created.

Need to scan in and send those reports or want to print that amazing collage that was made in art class? We have document, photo, and large format scanners available for use.

In addition to printers, the business center has a wider variety of other equipment that are often cost prohibitive for families to acquire. Different paper cutters, a laminator, notebook binding tools and supplies, and greeting card making tools.

Do you live in the country and have unreliable internet or cellphone reception? One of the benefits of The Nook is our high speed internet. Fast enough to attend classes, participate in Zoom meetings, or record a presentation that needs to be submitted.

You can find a list equipment available for use on our equipment page.

Is The Nook right for me?

A coworking space with an integrated business center like The Nook is a great asset to homeschool families and/or co-ops. From networking opportunities to additional educational explorations for your students The Nook will prove to be an asset. It will eliminate the hassle and frustration of running out of paper or ink, or not having the right kind of paper or space to complete a project.

If you’re still unsure if The Nook is right for you, come on in for a day by grabbing a day pass or the business center membership and see if it meets your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Shawna, at .

Like what ya read and want to sign up today? Head on over to and get that ball rolling! I look forward to seeing you at The Nook!



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