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What is it? How does it fit into a rural lifestyle? Who can benefit?
You'll find the answers to these questions and more below.
Coworking is a modern work environment that started in the 90's but really gained momentum during the global pandemic in 2019. It is all about offering individuals and businesses a flexible and collaborative work approach and environment. At the core, coworking provides a common workspace for people with various backgrounds and in different industries. It provides a distraction free work environment for independent work while fostering a sense of collaboration and community.

Key Features


Members can choose from various membership plans (day pass*, flex pass** basic, flex pass, or dedicated desk*** plans are all available at The Nook).

Business Classes

Members of The Nook will have access to free and fee based business classes to help them continue to grow and thrive in their professional pursuits.


Coworking spaces like The Nook offer a wide range of amenities. We will have high-speed internet, printing and scanning services, access to our business center, kitchen access with a complimentary coffee & snack bar.

Unique Workspaces

The Nook is small, quaint, and cozy. Our limited work spaces include three dedicated desks and three flex desks. Coming soon will be a variety of outdoor spaces to enjoy in the nicer weather.

Cost Effective

Coworking is more cost effective than traditional office leases. You rent the desk/space you need, when you need it. No other overhead to worry about.

Diversity & Community

You will find people of all backgrounds, in all different stages of their profession in dozens of different industries. This diversity and inclusivity can help foster community, idea generation, and provide a variety of perspectives that are benficial for professional (and personal) growth.
*A day pass is a way to use the coworking space without having to sign up for a membership. It allows you to use the facilities during staffed hours.
**A flex pass is a way to use the coworking space on a budget. It provides you with a certain number of day passes throughout the month (depending on which membership level selected). If you need an extra day here or there, you can add on more time at a discounted rate.
***A dedicated desk is a way to use the coworking space and have a private desk. We don't have private offices, but our dedicated desks have privacy panels and curtains and allow for personalization and for you to come and go as you you please.

Coworking & Rural Living

Cable is an amazing rural community in northwestern Wisconsin. With a land area of 71.4 square miles and a population of 825; a coworking space and business center may seem out of place. But it's places like this where they are most needed to enhance the lives of our community.

Reduced Commutes

Whether you're battling the deer or the tourists, the back county highways can feel congested. Throw on adverse weather and getting to a J-O-B can be a treacherous endeavor. Having a space that provides the amenities of a coworking space can save time and money, reduce stress, and provide a safe alternative or hybrid work arrangement.

Community Building

Through business classes and networking events, people of all walks of life will have an opportunity to engage and congregate when they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to. A coworking space provides a space for these connections and interactions to occur.

Economic Development

Coworking spaces, like The Nook, contribute to the economic development of a rural community. It attracts remote workers, free lancers, digital nomads and small business owners. By attracting and welcoming these types of community members, coworking spaces in a rural community helps to stimulate the local economy leading to increased spending at other local businesses.

Workforce Retention

Coworking spaces provide the flexibility and opportunity for younger generations to want to stay in the area. By providing a modern solution and affordable workspace, coworking spaces in rural communities help to attract and retain skilled workers.

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